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    Firstly, I must thank you for your support during what has been a difficult week.  The decision to close a school is never taken lightly but, as you are aware, the local authority recommended that we close on grounds of health and safety.  I completely understand that this puts an immediate pressure on you as families when you have to make the necessary child-care arrangements but I hope you appreciate the difficult position we found ourselves in.

    I know pupils had big smiles on their faces as they left school on Wednesday knowing that they had an unplanned long weekend but this, for many was tinged with disappointment as they realised they were going to miss the Eisteddfod.  Over the past few weeks, pupils and staff have spent many hours preparing for this and it would be a shame not to rearrange this.  I plan to meet with colleagues on Monday and will let you know of arrangements for a new date through our social media feeds and the next edition of this blog (Friday 9th March).

    As many of you are aware, I hold ‘open meetings’ for parents and carers where there is the opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of our provision in an open forum.  The next meeting will take place at 6pm on Tuesday 20th March (lower school hall).  Whilst the agenda for this meeting is determined by the parents and carers who attend, I would like to discuss how we can gather support for a programme of fundraising as we seek to develop our facilities in school.  Please remember, you are free to contact me at any time should there be an issue which you would like to discuss but which you feel is not appropriate for an open forum.

    It seems strange to be talking about the summer now but I feel it is important to give you as much notice as possible about arrangements for uniform during this period.  Pupils are able to wear a school polo shirt (available from the usual suppliers) but I think it is perfectly reasonable for those pupils who wish to continue to wear their existing shirts during this period should they wish to do so.  I will contact you with more detail about the arrangements in the coming weeks but thought you need as much notice as possible should you wish to purchase the additional items.

    Once again, thank you for your support.  The weather forecast appears to be improving over the next few days but I will put a message on Twitter, Facebook, the school and local authority websites on Sunday afternoon but, at this stage, I fully expect the school to be open on Monday.

    Finally, the photo of the week shows some of our year 7 meteorologists who accurately predicted the snow days before anyone else!

    Best wishes

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    What a quick half term!  It truthfully did feel as though it was only yesterday that we were all thinking about returning after the Christmas holiday.  Once again, it really has been a very productive period for us and there is much to celebrate as our pupils continue to amaze us with their talents.

    One of the highlights of this half term  was the visit to see the dress rehearsal of Tosca being performed by the Welsh National Opera in Cardiff.  The day itself was  funded by the WNO (including the transport) and this meant that we were  able to take the whole of our year 9 cohort.  The fact that all of these pupils have now had the opportunity to experience opera being performed by a professional company is fantastic, combined with the fact that this trip was free-of-charge to all pupils really is something to be proud of.  I hope that we will be able to undertake similar events in the future.

    In the last week, we have started to focus on uniform.  Most of our pupils have to be congratulated by the way in which they respond to the rules around uniform, make-up and jewellery.  However, there have been some instances where the uniform has not been to the high standards which are expected at Brynteg.  Please note the following:

    • Canvas shoes of any type are not permitted.  Shoes should be plain black and leather/leather effect.
    • Skirts should be a reasonable length (ideally just above the knee)
    • Jewellery is not permitted however, pupils are able to wear a wristwatch
    • Shirts should be worn with the top button done up and ties should be fitted accordingly

    Thank you for your support with school uniform; it really has helped to create such a positive impression of our pupils within the school and as they represent us outside.  In my next blog post (March 2nd 2018), I will update you on the plans summer uniform.

    As you may be aware, our next school production is High School Musical and this is taking place in October.  The school is already reverberating to the sounds of the songs from the show and  I have to say, that even at this early stage, it sounds amazing.  As you can imagine, staging an event such as this is expensive and to help with this pupils and staff have been busy raising funds.  On  Friday 23rd March a “Race Night’ is being held in Bridgend Rugby Club with all money raised being put towards the staging of the show.

    Please support this event if possible – tickets are available from Mrs Fender in room 19.

    I hope you have noticed the increase in activity on our Facebook and Twitter feeds which is helping us to celebrate the many positive things which happen at Brynteg. As part of this, we do try to include as many photographs as possible and have also been selecting our ‘photo of the week’ (which is one which captures the true spirit of Brynteg).  This week’s winner shows some of our year 7 pupils practising their dawnsio gwerin (folk dancing) ready to represent their house  in the Eisteddfod –

    In the coming weeks, I will inform you of the next ‘Open Meeting with the Head’ session.  As you may be aware, I started these last term as I felt it would give an opportunity to parents and carers to ask me questions about aspects of our provision in an open forum.  In addition, if there is anything which you feel you wish to discuss with me but feel unable to do so in an open meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    I have now been at Brynteg for 6 months and am constantly impressed by the talents of the pupils and staff and also by the support which the school receives from you as parents and carers.  This is such an exciting time for us as a school community – there is so much for us to look forward to!

    Thank you for your support.

    Ryan Davies