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Head’s Blog 11th May 2018

It never ceases to amaze me just how activities our pupils are when it comes to fundraising for a wide range of charities.  Almost on a weekly basis, pupils ask for permission to undertake some element of fundraising such as asking for a non-uniform day, cake sale, sponsorship and so on.  This is such a powerful statement about the compassionate nature of our pupils and makes us feel extremely proud of them as a school.  In terms of the requests for fundraising activities to be undertaken in school, I believe that these should be considered by our School Council where the pupil members of this body can decide whether or not to support an initiative and ensure that there are not too many demands on pupils (and parents/carers) for funds during the year.

Thank you to all of those who have completed and returned the permission letter for our new biometric catering payment system.  As you will be aware, permission has to be gained from parents/carers before we undertake the biometric scan and also there is the option for parents and carers to opt out of this as well.  The move to the biometric system came as a result of feedback from pupils and parents/carers who said that the current card-based system often caused problems when the card was lost and so on.  The new system will eradicate this problem and it is hoped that, in time, it will make purchasing items from our canteen much more efficient.  There is still time to return the form if you have not already done so but time is running out as the initial phase of taking the biometric readings from pupils is due to begin next week.

Plans for our enrichment programme are well underway and there is an exciting range of activities for our pupils to participate in next year.  The new programme will mean that on the second Wednesday afternoon (week ‘b’) of the timetable, the whole school (pupils and staff) will be involved in enrichment activities.  This is a major initiative for the school and one which it is hoped will demonstrate that there is still time within the busy school day to include such experiences.

The photo of the week shows some of our pupils proudly displaying the smoothies they made during their food technology lesson.  It is so good to see that pupils enjoying activities which are helping to promote a healthier lifestyle.


Best wishes


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