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Head’s Blog 11th October 2019

Thank you to the parents and carers who attended the recent Open Meeting with the Head session.  There were many points discussed with some of the key points being as follows:

Communication of trips and visits.  Concern that these are sometimes only promoted through Facebook and Twitter and some parents and carers do not have access to these.

 Agreed to ensure that all communications about trips and visits are also emailed to parents and carers.

Review Meetings– positive response about these. Clarification sought about the organisation/timing.

SIMS Homework app.  It was felt that not all staff are using this and that some pupils were receiving homework which was not highlighted in the app.

Agreed to ensure that all staff have access to training/support in the use of the app (including setting submission dates and recording whether or not homework has been completed).

Reports.  It was felt that the previous system of reporting had many discrepancies (both the interim and final reports) with grades in the interim reports not matching comments in the final report.  It was also agreed that the content of the final report often lacked any real learning impact.

The new system of reporting was described as it was felt that it addressed the concerns mentioned.

A Level results.  Disappointment at the fact that our A Level results were not published alongside those of other schools (Wales Online and the Gazette).

 It was explained that the deadline for the submission of the results was missed. This was an error and disappointing as there was much to celebrate this year.

Further Reading.  The point was made that a recommended reading list for pupils (all ages) would be beneficial.

Agreed to work on this and publish through email and Facebook/Twitter.

Concern regarding cameras within toilets.

 Explained that there was no actual camera system within any of the toilets in school.

 Next Meeting:  Tuesday December 3rd5.30pm (Humanities Hall)

The photo of the week shows some of our pupils taking part in the Samba session as part of our enrichment programme.

Thank you for your support