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Head’s Blog 12th October 2018

As mentioned in a previous blog post, I offer the opportunity to parents and carers to come in to school for an Open Meeting.  This will give the opportunity to parents and carers to ask questions about any aspect of our provision.  The first meeting of this academic year has been arranged for Wednesday 17thOctober at 5.30pm (Upper School hall).  In the past, these meetings have taken the form of questions from parents and carers, a general discussion and so on.  The agenda is completely determined by those who turn up on the evening – there is no pre-prepared presentation!

We have worked hard in the last few weeks to improve the way in which pupils access our lower school canteen.  A new queuing system is in place which now means that pupils are able to order their food and find somewhere to sit to eat it in a much more relaxed atmosphere. There is a trend for our pupils to purchase their food and eat this outside (even in torrential rain and sub-zero temperatures…) and ideally I would like them to find the time to sit down to eat their food in the canteen. There is plenty of room for our pupils to sit and enjoy their food in the canteen and I would appreciate your support in trying to encourage pupils to do so (even if only for a few minutes).  Not only will it offer a much more civilised lunch experience for pupils it will help reduce litter around the site as well!

Finally, two of our year 8 pupils feature in our photo of the week.  This was taken during a very sunny break-time and catches the girls reading to each other.  Brilliant!