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Head’s Blog 13th December 2019

Thank you for your support with uniform where the standard is, on the whole, excellent.  Despite our efforts to ask girls to wear skirts of a reasonable length, many are still wearing skirts which are far too short.  There seems to be no alternative but to ask governors to consider moving to trousers for all pupils from September 2020 and a decision will be made in the spring term.

I would also like to draw your attention to the policy on shoes which clearly states that shoes should be plain black, with no logos and not nylon/canvas material.

Some of the forthcoming key dates/events are as follows:

Friday 13th December                      Christmas jumper and lunch day

Tuesday 17th December                  Carol Service at St Mary’s Nolton (7pm)

Wednesday 18th December           Activities Day

Thursday 19th December                 Final Day of Term (school closes at 3.20pm)

Friday 20th December                      Staff Training Day

Monday 6th January                        All pupils return to school

The response from pupils and staff regarding our annual Santa Appeal has, once again, been quite amazing.  To see our pupils working hard to raise money over the last half term (often in some quite awful weather conditions) is such a testament to their caring attitude.  As a result of their efforts, they will have impacted positively on the lives of a large number of children across Bridgend this Christmas.  The next stage of the process if where pupils all ‘shop until they drop’ as they purchase the presents next Monday which always seems to generate a great deal of excitement in school!

Finally, here is our photo of the week.  Members of 8G seem to throwing themselves fully into their roles as part of their Christmas plays in drama!

Best wishes