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Head’s Blog 13th February 2020

What a quick half term  and one which has been packed with such a lot of incredibly positive activities where, once again, our pupils have demonstrated just how talented they are.

We are now beginning to settle in to our new Wellbeing Centre (with extra car parking spaces being added as I write this) and now thoughts are turning to other developments in the school.

A major project which we would like to complete as soon as possible is completely renovating what was known as the ‘lower school library’ to make it a Learning Hub based in in the Languages cluster but serving the whole of the school community.

The Hub will play an important part in delivering learning across the curriculum and across all year groups.  Whilst in this day and age, many see the advent of digital technology as signalling the demise of books, it is hoped that a combination of cutting-edge technology and a selection of high-quality books and other resources will inspire and enthuse our pupils to be avid readers.  Our Learning Hub, as well as being a place to read can be a place where pupils will be able to use a range of technology, perform, discover, relax and generally feel that they have their own creative base within the school.

It is hoped that the design of the library will incorporate a cinema area, study areas and areas for group-work.  Ideally, the shelves, tables, study units will all be mobile in that the whole of the Learning Hub can alter to suit the needs of pupils. Here are some photographs which show just what can be achieved!

Within the Hub pupils will be able to access high quality digital learning opportunities with excellent wi-fi and, access to a range of devices such as laptops, tablets, 3-d facilities,  a green screen, recording facilities and so on.  In order to create an immersive learning experience, lighting, sound and a range of other equipment can be installed to assist with this.

This exciting proposal is something which is something which our pupils need and, whilst some of the ideas listed above may appear to be quite luxurious, I know that, if provided to our pupils, it will significantly enhance their learning experience.  However, budget constraints mean  that relying on funding from the LEA and Welsh Government would mean that this would not happen for many years (if at all).

Our  pupils deserve such a facility now and therefore,   in order to make this a reality the support of the whole of the school community is needed.   You may be  in a position to be able to contribute/sponsor some of the items for the Learning Hub or you know someone who could; it may well be that you are able to give us some time in order to help decorate and so on.  Whatever you can do to help to provide this facility for our pupils, your input would be greatly appreciated.

Please email me at if you can help in any way.  An Open Meeting will take place on Wednesday 26th February at 5pm in the Languages (Lower School – Heol Gam entrance) library where plans will be discussed in more detail.  If the school community comes together to work towards achieving this, pupils could have access to the facility in the very near future.

Our photo of the week shows one of our sixth form pupils looking extremely nervous as he took part in one of the Festival of Light workshops!

Best wishes