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Head’s Blog 13th March 2020

Our final ‘Research and Development’ week of the academic year has taken place this week where the Expressive Arts cluster taking centre stage….

Research and Development weeks are an important part of the way in which we quality assure our learning and teaching provision as well as offering all areas the opportunity to experiment and develop new teaching strategies.

At the start of the process, each cluster area agrees ‘lines of inquiry’ which can be areas of the provision they are concerned about, wish to develop and so on. These are then used to develop a plan for the R and D week and this can involve a range of activities such as team planning/teaching, observations, feedback from pupils and so on.  Whilst it is important for us to ensure that the process is rigorous our system has moved away from simply grading teachers for the sake of it and is much more about a two-way developmental approach.  In this way, our provision will continue to improve and our pupils will experience even higher standards of teaching and learning in the coming years.

As you can imagine (quite rightly so) there have been a great many queries from our pupils over the past week regarding Coronavirus and our plans for it.  Of course, the most popular question has been “when are you going to close the school sir……”  but as we move deeper into this crisis, there is now a more serious side to this.

In terms of my message to pupils at the moment, there are 3 main areas which they need to consider:

Hygiene and handwashing – it is imperative that pupils take every opportunity to wash their hands and to ensure that they are following the simple rules regarding hygiene and so on.

Contingency plans – the situation is so fluid at the moment, it really is hard to predict what will happen in the future.  What pupils need to know is that we are ensuring that plans are in place to cope with all eventualities.  The support is there for them and whilst the last thing pupils who are preparing for external exams need now is uncertainty, they must remember that all pupils in all schools are in the same position and that strategies will be put in place to ensure that they are not disadvantaged.

Thinking of others – whilst a lot of the chat is about cancelling events, panic buying and so on, it is important to remember that there are so many people who are suffering as a result of Coronavirus and our thoughts are with them.

I will update you further as soon as I have further information. Any information/updates will be shared using our Sims InTouch facility and our our Facebook/Twitter feeds.

Our photo of the week shows some of our pupils really enjoying their learning as part of the Expressive Arts Research and Development week.


Best wishes





Ryan Davies