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Head’s Blog 14th June 2019

As we near the end of the examination period, our thoughts are turning to planning our new academic year and to make all aspects of our provision even better.

One area of concern for us is the layout of the school and the fact that it is so open, with no real reception area. This obviously poses safeguarding concerns as well as not creating the most welcoming environment as parents, carers and visitors enter the school. Our proposal is to locate a central reception area which will serve the whole school, located near within the current languages block.  This will be part of a Wellbeing Centre which will also house a pupil reception, medical room, counselling and interview rooms, our additional learning needs facility and so on.

The Wellbeing Centre will also be a base for all of our year leaders (as opposed to them having offices throughout the school).  This means that during the day, parents, carers and visitors will be able to use the bus bay entrance to park outside the reception/wellbeing centre and then have access to a range of services.  Automatic gates will be positioned on the other access points and will be closed during the day meaning we will be able to manage traffic flow and visitors into the school.

We are working closely with colleagues from BCBC on this project and, whilst we would like the work to be finished in time for the start of the new academic year, the deadlines we are working to mean that it is more realistic to expect that the new facility will be ready by October half term.  I would hope that you would see that this is a major improvement in the way that the school is organised and  I am sure that pupils, staff,  parents, carers and visitors will see a major improvement in the way in which we operate.

There is a lot more which I would like to share with you  and I will do so in the coming blog posts.  There will be an opportunity to discuss these developments (amongst other things) in the next Open Meeting with the Head which will take place on Wednesday 26thJune at 5pm (Upper School).

Our photo of the week shows some of our brilliant year 7 pupils during the Religion, Ethics and Philosophy visit to Nolton Church.

Best wishes