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Head’s Blog 14th September 2018

We have had such a positive start to the new year with many new and exciting developments.

Pupils are getting used to using their lockers, which now seem to be working quite well. Initially, when pupils had changed or forgotten their locker code, the only solution was for the parent/carer to contact the locker company directly but now we are able to rectify this in school.

Some of our pupils have been asking if there are any lockers left and how they go about purchasing one.  It is relatively straightforward –  you are interested, simply visit  and follow the on-screen instructions.  Pupils can even choose where in the school their locker is located (if available).

As you are aware, we spent the day on Wednesday asking pupils to choose their options for enrichment in the coming year.  The response from pupils has been amazing – especially when they were faced with not being able to have their first choice activity as some had limited numbers.  We are now going to identify the oversubscribed activities with a view to attempting to increase the capacity of these over the coming year in order to ensure that more pupils receive their first choice options.

Whilst we have only just welcomed our new year 7 pupils into our school, the process of planning for next year has already started!  It has been a pleasure to be able to visit our cluster primary schools this week to talk to the year 5 and 6 pupils about our Open Evening which takes place on Thursday 27thSeptember.  I think that we are so lucky to have such an outstanding range of primary schools to work with and know that the future for our school is extremely bright judging by the response which we had from the pupils during our visits.

As mentioned last week, our new system of communicating with parents, carers and pupils has been introduced (SIMs Parent, Student and InTouch) and the first few weeks have not been without some glitches.  We are working hard to ensure that these issues are addressed as a matter of urgency – a large number of the issues are as a result of incorrect email addresses and it would be helpful if parents and carers could check to ensure that we do have the correct details (if the app is working for you then you can assume that the details are correct).  The new system will take a little while to become established but when it does, the communication between school and home will improve significantly.

The photo of the week shows some of our pupils relaxing during an expedition.  Our Duke of Edinburgh award provision is something which we are very proud of and would urge all pupils to consider participating at some point during their time with us.

Thank you for your support.

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    1. Hi – thanks for your comment regarding visiting Coety. As the primary is not in our official catchment area, we will not be visiting. This does not mean that pupils, parents and carers are not welcome to come along to our Open Evening however! If you wish to come, the details are as follows:
      Thursday 27th September – 4.30pm – 7.30pm – you don’t have to stay for the whole evening and please, if childcare is an issue, don’t hesitate to bring younger brothers or sisters along as well.

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