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Head’s Blog 16th November 2018

We are now well into our enrichment programme and whilst there are some areas which we would like to improve, there are so many positives coming out of the programme.

To see pupils from all year groups working together during these activities is a joy to observe and is a rare opportunity for them to do so in the way in which the curriculum is organised now.  Perhaps this provides us with an idea of how learning could be organised in the future with pupils working together and progressing when they are ready (as opposed to being told to progress according to their age).

Another positive to come out of the programme is the way in which the pupils are utilising the whole of the school site – there is no corner of school left untouched during these sessions. Additionally, some pupils are also working hard to improve the way in which the site looks by planting bulbs and so on.

Here are some photographs from this week’s enrichment session – the photo of the week showing a proud member of the gardening club!

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