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Head’s Blog 17th January 2020

On Monday I had the privilege of attending our first ever Humanities Celebration Evening.  This gave our year 7 pupils the opportunity to demonstrate their learning as part of the ‘This is Me’ project;  involving the study of  slavery, civil rights, Martin Luther King and immigration during their history, RE and geography lessons. As part of this project they created their own ‘museum’ which then formed a core part of the display on the evening.

The quality of the work was quite amazing and the evening allowed pupils to demonstrate their learning to parents, carers and staff from across the school.  I think the Humanities cluster may well have come across a model which could be used across the school in order to make the learning process even more of a two-way exercise.

Next week colleagues from BCBC will be coming to Brynteg in order to carry out the next stage of the consultation regarding the future of post 16 provision in Bridgend.  They will work with pupils throughout the day, meet with staff after school and then, at 5pm, hope to meet with as many parents and carers as possible (from Brynteg and from our cluster primary schools).  Being an 11-18 school with a thriving sixth form is something which we are all incredibly proud of and would hope to see this develop in the future.  It is important that, should you wish to do so, members of our school community take part in the consultation.  I would urge you to attend if at all possible.  The details of the meeting are as follows:

Tuesday 21st January 2020 5pm Humanities (upper school) hall.  Please note, that as a result of major construction taking place on our site, parking in this part of the school is limited but  you are more than welcome to park in other areas of the school  (e.g. bus bay, languages (lower) car park).

Finally, I shall be speaking to pupils next week about our approach to mobile phones and air-pods/headphones and so on.  Some schools ban these items outright but at Brynteg pupils are allowed to bring these in to school but they should not be seen.  Mobile phones are only to be used if permission has been given by a member of staff.  There have already been a number of instances where air-pods have been mislaid/lost and for this reason, we would strongly advise NOT bringing these in to school at all.

The photo of the week shows some of our wonderful year 7 pupils who took part in the humanities evening mentioned earlier.

Thank you for your support.