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Head’s Blog 18th May 2018

This week pupils and staff took part in the first phase of our move from the current card system for cashless payments to our new biometric system which is due to go ‘live’ on June 4th.  This does mean  that, after half term, pupils and staff will be able to deposit cash and pay for meals simply by placing their finger on the biometric readers which are currently being installed.  Not only will this make it easier and quicker during the very busy break periods, it will also mean that there isn’t the inconvenience of having to make alterative arrangements when a card is lost or left at home.  At the moment, there is a concern that some pupils are going without lunch simply because they don’t have access to their card – the new system will stop this happening.

It is our aim to encourage more and more pupils to eat in school and are looking at reviewing the arrangement whereby pupils in years 10-13 are allowed ‘off-site’ during lunchtime. There are no plans to change this arrangement for the 2018-19 academic year but, working with the School Council, it is hoped that this will be something which we are able to do in the future.

As members of the School Council have highlighted, in order to encourage pupils to stay in school, the range, quality and price of the school offer has to be attractive.   I know that colleagues from BCBC catering are very open to suggestions and I look forward to working with them and the School Council to develop our provision further.

It is important that our pupils have the opportunity to understand and develop a healthy approach to their lifestyle.  There are healthy options already on offer in school at break and lunchtime but there is a concern that pupils are choosing unhealthy options from outside school.  Please help us to reinforce the message about healthy eating; sadly, we have very little control over what local retailers wish to sell to our pupils and therefore do need your support in order to improve the situation.

The photo of the week shows year 8 pupils enjoying science in the sunshine using quadrats and nets to calculate the biodiversity index of Brynteg school. Seeing the pupil enjoying their learning is important but it also demonstrates what a fantastic resource our school grounds are.

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