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Head’s Blog 18th October 2019

You may have read in the press this week stories about the financial pressure which all schools in Wales are under.  In this time of austerity and difficult financial decisions, education (along with many other services) has suffered and schools find themselves having to cope with significantly less money at a time when there is a greater need to provide a wider range of services to our pupils.

Brynteg has not escaped these pressures and it is a reflection of the wonderful support from pupils, staff, parents and carers that we continually perform at a high level despite the financial pressures working against us.  The impact that this has had has meant making difficult decisions such as not being able to develop our ICT facilities to the level which we know our pupils need, reviewinghow we provide resources such as photocopying and even basic stationery items and not investing in areas of the school in terms of decoration, furniture and so on.

As mentioned earlier, we are not the only service to feel the pressure of these harsh financial times and we are certainly not on our own as a school however, it is tough.  Sadly, what does disappear from provision in these times are often the items which you could  describe as being ‘luxury’ items but sometimes, you even notice that pressure is also being put on those items which are deemed to be ‘essential’.

It is so good to hear that there is interest in setting up a Friends of Brynteg School group with the aim of raising funds for our pupils to ensure that some of the things which we are not able to provide currently are provided in the future.  The first meeting of this is due to take place on Tuesday 22ndOctober in the Humanities Hall (off Ewenny Road) at 5.30pm. Parent, carers, other relatives, friends, members of the community are all more than welcome to attend!  Please support this important initiative as your support is needed now more than ever.

Our photo of the week shows some of our year 7 pupils who have made such a promising start to their hockey careers for Brynteg!

Thank you for your support