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Head’s Blog 20th September 2019

It was so good to see so many potential pupils, parents and carers in our Open Evening last night. It is an important evening for those families who are about to make a decision regarding the choice of secondary school and it also offers us an opportunity to show the wider community a little bit of what we have on offer.  Parents and carers have until Friday 24thJanuary 2020 to submit their application and to help with this, in addition to our Open Evening, we are also holding an Open Morning (Friday 27thSeptember) and of course, we are here to answer queries and to help with the application process at any time during the coming months.

Here is a link to the BCBC webpage with more information about secondary school admissions:

The number of pupils who are using bicycles or scooters for their journey to school seems to be increasing and this is something which we would like to encourage still further. We have two shelters which allow our pupils to store their bikes/scooters (one being at the Ewenny Road entrance and the other at the Heol Gam entrance).  Whilst this trend is pleasing, there is a concern about the number of pupils who choose not to wear a helmet.  In the past, one of the reasons for not doing so was not being able to safely store these but, with the arrival of lockers, this really does not give pupils the excuse not to wear them.  If pupils do not have a locker, then we would happily look after the helmet in one of the reception areas.

For those pupils who arrive at school by car, it is important that basic safety measures are observed at the start and the end of the day.  Parent/carer cars are not permitted on the school site at these times (there has been an increase in the number of parents and carers who are driving in to school from the Ewenny Road entrance).  We would ask that if you are using a car, please drop pupils off outside the school grounds and, if possible, a safe distance away as the entrances do become rather crowded at these times.  It has also been noted that parents and carers are parking immediately outside the gates at the Heol Gam entrance and (in some cases) on the pavement.  Again, we would ask that you park a safe distance away as this type of parking could cause a potentially serious accident.

Next week we look forward to the first of our Review Meetings which is a chance to meet the form tutor for a 10-15 minute discussion.  We strongly believe that the form tutor can be one of the most important people in the lives of pupils as they have the complete overview of the whole school experience (this is in addition to the subject-based parent/carer evenings will continue as they have in the pas)t.  We are starting this exciting new initiative with our year 12 students and their parents/carers with the first session being on Thursday 26thSeptember between 1.30pm and 6.30pm.

Our photo of the week shows some of our wonderful year 7 pupils who are standing for election to our Pupil Governing Body.

Thank you for your support