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Head’s Blog 21st September 2018

As you may be aware, our move to a new system of communication using SIMS Parent/Student apps and this has been quite a challenging transition as I know many students, parents and carers have found difficulty in registering and accessing the apps.  Our plan is to move to a system where all information is shared using these apps. and when we finally arrive at this stage, I am sure that you will find that the communication between school and home has improved significantly.  There is, however, quite a way to go before we reach that stage and in the meantime, all information will still be shared using the usual channels (Facebook, Twitter, email, text, letters home, pupils making notes of their homework).

It seems that many of the records that we relied on when transferring to the new system were incorrect in that email addresses had changed or the information that was entered into the school system contained errors.  This explains the reason why some parents and carers did not receive the invitation to register with the system.  There are other issues that we have found with the app and links which are being sent and we are working closely with our colleagues in BCBC to rectify this.

Our plan going forward is as follows:

Week ending

Week ending Friday 28thSeptember – ensure all year 7 and 11 pupils, parents and carers have access to the apps.

Week ending Friday 5thOctober – ensure all year 8 and 9 pupils, parents and carers have access to the apps.

Week ending Friday 12thOctober – ensure all years 10, 12 and 13 pupils, parents and carers have access to the apps.

It is hoped that access to the apps will be earlier than the dates highlighted above but it is important to share our plan with you now in order that you have a clear idea of what is to be expected.  The situation is not ideal but, as mentioned previously, no pupil will be disadvantaged as the information channels used previously will continue to be used.

Last year, I started a series of Open Meetings with parents and carers which proved to be very productive. I plan to have the first meeting for parents and carers of pupils in years 7-9 on Wednesday 17thOctober at 5.30pm (upper school hall – Ewenny Road entrance).  For those who have not attended one of these meetings before it is your chance to ask me questions, to find out more about our provision and so on – the agenda is determined by the parents and carers who attend.  Usually the meetings last for about one hour and it would be good to see as many parents and carers as possible.  Please remember, this is an open forum and for those parents and carers who have a more specific or personal query, please feel free to contact me at any time.

The photo of the week comes from one of our assemblies where pupils were treated to a superb performance of some of the numbers from our forthcoming performance of High School Musical.  Tickets are selling fast and so, if you would like to support our wonderfully talented cast, click on the link below before it is too late!

http://grand pavilion porthcawl

Thank you for your support.



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