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Head’s Blog 22nd June 2018

As you may be aware, the school has investigated the possibility of having lockers in school for our pupils.  This was at the request of our pupils and members of the School Council.  Whilst we have a beautiful school site, it is rather spread out with the result being that pupils have to carry their bags for quite a distance during the day.

Purchasing the lockers was our original intention but it was not too long before we realised that this was way beyond our means.  Even for the basic internal lockers, the best price we could find was £92 for a block of 3 meaning an outlay of £43,000 for the whole school.  The type of lockers we have identified which are both suitable for use internally and externally are more expensive again.

Our solution has been to approach a company who will site the lockers in school for us at no cost. If parents/carers would like to purchase a locker for the year then this is done by accessing the company’s website and paying a rental fee of £15-£18 per year.  It will also be possible to specify the exact location of the locker.  Once payment has been made, an email will be sent back to the parent/carer with the location/number of the locker together with a 4 digit code which pupils will use to gain access to the locker by means of a combination lock (there are no keys involved at all).

The school will not receive any money from this venture at all but it does give us immediate access to lockers (which would not be possible if we had to purchase them outright). In an ideal world we would be able to fund the lockers ourselves and not have to charge pupils for them but sadly this is not the case.

Pupils will not be required to have a locker and it is envisaged that some will choose not to do so.  It is hoped that this initiative will make life a little easier for pupils at Brynteg.

Our photo of the week shows some of the members of our wonderful orchestra and was taken during one of the lunchtime rehearsal sessions this week.

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