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Head’s Blog 22nd March 2019

It is important that we  always look for ways to positively influence the wellbeing of our pupils and staff in a school system that has so many external pressures.  As you are aware, we planned to hold formal internal examinations in the coming weeks for pupils in years 7-9.  These would be in addition to the national reading and numeracy tests which are also due to be sat in May.

The additional pressure of sitting internal examinations in a formal setting (mainly in the Sports Hall) is unnecessary and something which we can control.   The decision has therefore been taken to move the examinations to a class-based situation where pupils will still sit the planned papers but within familiar surroundings.  The class-based tests will take place during the allocated exam period but not necessarily following the planned timetable which was distributed earlier (pupils will be informed by their teacher when these are to take place).

This simple change will have a positive impact on the wellbeing of our pupils whilst, at the same time, still allowing them to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and understanding in a more informal situation.

School is about so much more than classroom-based learning and at Brynteg, there are so many extra-curricular opportunities which are offered to pupils.  This week a visit to Poland was organised by our Religion, Ethics and Philosophy department where, amongst other things our pupils:

  • Visited the Galicia Museum where they met a concetration camp surviror
  • A tour of the permanent exhibitions and buildings at the Auschwitz I-Main Camp and the original camp buildings in Auschwitz II-Birkenau
  • Experienced a guided tour of the Wieliczka Salt Mine and of Krakow City

Visits such as these provide pupils with experiences that they will never forget.  I am most grateful to the staff at Brynteg who willingly give up so much of their time in order to provide such opportunities to our pupils.

Our photo of the week shows our pupils and staff with a survivor of the holocaust who they had the privilege of meeting.

Best wishes

2 thoughts to “Head’s Blog 22nd March 2019”

  1. Hi, my son is currently in Year 9 and I think the change in venue for the exams is an excellent idea! Much more relaxing for them.
    I wanted to contact you on the subject of wellbeing and this seems to be a good way to do it. I have regular ‘discussions’ with my son about a bike helmet. A number of his friends cycle to school, which is great, but not one of them wear a helmet. I was wondering if something could be arranged to highlight the importance of a helmet and maybe something put in place telling pupils that they can only ride their bikes to school if they wear one. Lockers are now available, so storage shouldn’t be an issue.
    This is something I feel really strongly about and find so frustrating as it’s not enforced. He will not take his bike to school in fear of being laughed at as I will not allow him to ride it without his helmet. I’m fed of being a cruel mum but caring about my sons safety is paramount.
    I’d welcome the schools support on this matter.
    Diolch yn fawr

    1. Hi

      Thank you for your comment. I completely agree about the need to wear helmets to school and it is something that we will challenge in the new term (whilst still encouraging pupils to use their bicycles to come to school). Hopefully you will see a difference in the coming months.

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