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Head’s Blog 22nd November 2019

For the last few blog posts  of this  term I would like to focus on some of the ‘unsung heroes’ at Brynteg School, without whom, the school simply would not be able to function.

I am going to start by focussing on our wonderful team of canteen staff.  Their day starts incredibly early (7am) as they prepare breakfast and the food to be served for the rest of the day.  This is then followed by very busy morning break and lunchtime sessions before having to finish the day by cleaning and then preparing for the next day.

The 15 canteen staff prepare and serve over 900 meals each day, with some of the most popular items being pasta pots and the famous Brynteg hotdogs.  A recent addition has been the coffee shop where we are privileged to be the only school in the borough to have such a facility; this is proving to be incredibly popular, so much so, pupils have been heard to be bargaining with each other who gets the last slice of cake on sale!

One member of the team (Christine Thomas) has just won the the LACA Wales Region Shining Star Award for Recognition of excellence at LACA awards on October 24th. Christine has served for just under 36 years at Brynteg without any sickness or leave of absence. There are possibly some people who are reading who were served by Christine in the  70’s! This is an incredible feat and just goes to demonstrate how committed this team is.

On Friday 13th December the team will, once again be pulling out all the stops as they prepare our annual Christmas lunch.  It would be really demonstrate just how much they are valued in our school if pupils and staff all decided to take part in this.  This is probably their busiest (and longest day of the year) – they deserve to sell out – and let’s help them to do this!

Thank you to Kimberly, Julie, Christine T, Karen, Damien, Angela, Tracy G, Tracy O, Beba, Louise, Emma, Christine S, Deb, Claire and Kara and Helen. They really do an incredible job and their work is appreciated by the whole of the school community.

Best wishes