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Head’s Blog 23rd November 2018

This year our annual Christmas Concert will take place in our lower school hall due to the church not being available on this date. The concert itself will be just as spectacular and a true celebration of the spirit of Christmas.  Being based in the school will also allow us to raise funds which we aim to use to support future school events and also donate some to a local charity. One of the new initiatives we are launching is the sale of tickets using an online distributor.  The benefits of this include the school not handling such large amounts of cash, easier access to ticket sales for those wishing to purchase them and so on.  You have the option to either print out the tickets at home or download the ticket onto your smartphone.    There is a small transaction fee for this service which is paid to the company (not us) at the time when you buy the tickets.

The Christmas Concert is taking place on Tuesday 18thDecember at 7pm in the Lower School Hall. Please support us – this really does promise to be an excellent event. If you would like to attend, please click on the following link:

We plan to hold our Eisteddfod for pupils in years 7- 9 in the Grand Pavilion Porthcawl (pupils in other year groups are going have an assembly-based event).  Due to the size of our year groups now, it is proving very difficult to get them all together in one place for an event such as this. It really will be a special occasion and will allow us to celebrate being part of Wales together as a community. There are obviously costs involved in staging an event of this nature (incidentally, these are roughly similar to the costs involved in hiring the necessary equipment to stage it at Brynteg) and in the coming months, we will be undertaking a series of fundraising activities to support this and other such events in the school.

Here is our photo of the week – it is another example of some of our pupils thoroughly enjoying their learning:

Thank you for your support