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Head’s Blog 24th January 2020

We are in the final stages of designing our new curriculum model for September 2020 which will be introduced to pupils in years 7 and 10 (and then throughout the school in subsequent years).    This will mean our pupils will experience a learning and teaching package which will be quite different from their existing provision.  Key to the development of this is the belief that each of the six Areas of Learning and Experience (as outlined in the new Curriculum for Wales) should be given equal status within our model.  This means that, from September, pupils in year 7 will have the same amount of learning and teaching opportunities in each of the following areas:

  • Expressive Arts
  • Humanities
  • Maths, Numeracy and Computer Science
  • Health, Wellbeing and Wider Learning
  • Science and Technology
  • Languages, Literacy and Communication

Working with our pupils over the past year, it has been interesting to hear their thoughts on the ways in which different subjects are perceived.  They feel that, at present, there is a certain hierarchy which places the traditional core subjects of maths, English and Science at the top with the other following behind.  What they want to see provided is a learning and teaching package which recognises the that English, Science and Maths are important but no more important than expressive arts, health and wellbeing, humanities, technology, languages and so on.  Our new model addresses this in its structure.

Whilst there are many new elements of our curriculum, it is the area of Health, Wellbeing and Wider Learning which has attracted most interest in our discussions with pupils as it is a completely new concept.  This is where PE, food and nutrition, PSE, Careers (and Skills Challenge/Welsh Baccalaureate in years 10/11) have been brought together to offer our pupils a learning and teaching experience which places their health and well-being at the core. Our commitment to ensuring that all of our pupils are  happy, healthy and confident learners is now reflected in our curriculum model.  No longer are these activities treated as ‘add-ons’ and pupils will have  at least 7 hours per fortnight of Health and Wellbeing activities.

This is an extremely exciting time for Brynteg with this being just the start of many more exciting initiatives which will have a significant impact on learning, teaching and wellbeing.

Our photo of the week shows group of Year 12 pupils are participating in the first round of the national ‘Chemical Analyst Competition’ at Swansea University – another example of the wide range of experiences available at Brynteg.

Have a good weekend

2 thoughts to “Head’s Blog 24th January 2020”

  1. Can you tell me how ks4 will be different given that the pupils will still have to follow the GCSE syllabus?

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, at the moment key stage 4 pupils still have to work towards GCSE/BTEC/Skills Challenge qualifications but this is under review where Qualifications Wales have said that they need a suite of qualifications which fit in with the new curriculum. For us as a school, we have managed to reshape the model to include time for Health and Wellbeing whilst, at the same time, allowing them to access the qualifications which are in place now.

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