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Head’s Blog 25th October 2019

Whilst last week I wrote about the difficult financial constraints we are having to deal with, this week the school received some excellent news which will make a significant difference to access to digital technology as a learning and teaching tool.

The Welsh Government has allocated all local authorities in Wales a grant to ensure the digital infrastructure within schools is fit for 21st century learners with work beginning almost immediately.  It has long been a problem at Brynteg that, as a result of size of the campus, having good wireless coverage has been a significant challenge.  The work that will be undertaken will ensure that wireless coverage will be available in  all areas of the school and will be robust enough to allow whole classes to access the network at any one time.

This development is significant for us as a school as we are committed to ensuring that digital technology plays an important part in the learning and teaching process for all of our pupils.  Being able to have support to develop our infrastructure also means that we will quite quickly be able to invest in the hardware (laptops/tablets and so on) for our pupils to use in class.

Having access to technology will not replace all of the many other learning and teaching strategies which are currently employed but it will certainly enhance them and recognise that technology is such an important part of our the lives of our pupils


Our photo of the week shows some of our pupils having fun with lego during our latest enrichment session.

Best wishes