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Head’s Blog 27th September 2019

At the end of a very wet and soggy week, it is so good to be able to celebrate some of the things that really do make Brynteg a special place in which to be.

The role of Pupil Voice is essential and we would like it to develop further in order that pupils play a key role in all of the decisions which are taken in school.  As you may be aware, the school is overseen by a governing body which has a key role in the strategic direction and therefore plays a major role in the decision-making process.  Whilst our School Council proved to be very effective over the years, it was felt that there was too big a gap between the work that they were doing and that of the governing body.  In order to remedy this, we have replaced the School Council with a Pupil Governing Body which replicates the ‘other’ governing body in every way and will become a key influencer in our decision-making process.

Over the past few weeks, candidates for the Pupil Governing Body have been involved in hustings, canvassing and so on before elections were held this week.  It is my pleasure to announce the names of the first Pupil Governors at Brynteg School:

Year 7 – Nancy Bridgeman, Henry Dong

Year 8 –  Callum James, Katelyn Crocombe, Joseff Bruckel

Year 9 –  Corbin Lowes, Thomas Ludlow

Year 10 –  Corey Clarke, Aditi Bhor

Year 11 –  James Alexander, Hannah Nadzo

Year 12 – Elsie Jones, Rhys Jenkins

Year 13 – to be announced as they have been involved in UCAS preparation

The way in which the pupils above have conducted themselves over the past few weeks has been exceptional and I certainly expect them all to make a major impact over the coming year the Pupil Governors of Brynteg School.

Our photo of the week shows some of the fantastic portrait work completed by our amazing year 9 pupils this week (there are many more on our Facebook and Twitter accounts).

Best wishes


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