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Head’s Blog 28th February 2020

Did you know there are roughly eight school weeks to go until the start of the main examination season?  This can be an incredibly stressful period for pupils (and parents and carers) and so, quite honestly, doing some preparatory work now will really help and could alleviate a lot of the pressure

Most of the preparatory work can be quite basic but, if done now will make a real impact.  For example:

  • Make a list of all of the exams to be taken, their length, structure and so on.
  • Plan carefully the 10 weeks leading up to the exams (9 school weeks plus the Easter holiday).  Identify when it is going to be impossible to revise (eg events, activities) and so on – don’t ignore these, it is important to continue to have a life beyond revision.
  • Make a list of items you need.  These could be study guides, stationery and so on.  Don’t rush to buy study guides before asking teachers whether or not the school provides a better/more appropriate version.
  • Do some research into the best revision websites.  There are many options out there and now is the time to identify those which will really benefit during the revision period.
  • Download past exam papers – it is been proved that taking the time to complete past papers makes a significant difference when coming to sit the final papers.
  • Plan a post exam celebration!

Our pupils preparing for exams should always remember that they are not on their own, the team of staff at Brynteg and ready to help in whatever way.

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of being part of the year 8 visit to see Carmen staged by the Welsh National Opera in Cardiff.  I know that I have written before about the importance of expressive arts to the lives of all pupils but this really did demonstrate this in a very powerful way.  The fact that over 250 pupils attended, many experiencing this amazing art-form for the first time  and where so many of them said they were completely ‘blown-away’ by the experience really did make this a very special event  I am sure that many (if not all) of them will remember this for the rest of their lives – priceless!

The photo of the week is taken from our extremely successful Eisteddfod which took place in the Grand Pavilion on Thursday where, once again, our pupils demonstrated they really are exceptionally talented.

Thank you for your support.

2 thoughts to “Head’s Blog 28th February 2020”

  1. Thanks for an informative blog as always. And great to see the children enjoying so much variety in their school day. Can I ask will year 8 be having exams in all subjects this year? Or just national tests? Do we know when these will be? Thanks

    1. Thanks for your comment. Year 8 will be having in-class tests (in addition to the national tests) in the final term but not formal examinations as such.

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