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Head’s Blog 28th September 2018

Thank you to the pupils, parents and carers who attended our Open Evening on Thursday.  It was so good to be able to share with others the work that we are doing at Brynteg and our vision for the future.  If there is anyone who was unable to attend, or indeed would like to  visit the school again, please do not hesitate to contact us at the school.

This week also saw our first enrichment session taking place.   There was an excellent atmosphere across the school on Wednesday afternoon and it was so good to see pupils (and staff) relaxed and enjoying the activities.  This is a huge initiative for the school and with something of the scale, there will always be things that need to be developed – and this will be done in the coming months.  I would ask that if anyone feels that they would like to discuss this aspect of our provision then please contact me at the school as I would appreciate being able to work together in order to make this important project work for all pupils.

As mentioned last week  there have been a number of problems with the launch of the parent and student apps.   We have established that he only solution is for each record to be checked and errors corrected manually. This is taking some time and a number of the admin team have made great progress in doing this however, I would ask you to work with us as we ensure that the data is entered correctly over the coming weeks.


The photo of the week is taken from the science club which is part of our enrichment programme. It shows pupils from years 7-11 working together on a science problem.  Opportunities for  pupils from across the school to work together in this way are rare but our enrichment programme has made this possible!

Thank you for your support.