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Head’s Blog 5th July 2019

It has been a another exciting week at Brynteg with some of the highlights being:

  • Our year 10 pupils continuing to impress those outside the school with their approach to their community project as they collected litter on the beaches of Porthcawl
  • The transition day where it seems as though we have yet another brilliant year group joining us – thank you to the huge number of parents, carers and pupils who attended the welcome evening
  • The Expressive Arts ‘Project Generation’ which was such a success with our year 8 pupils.  The learning model really is something which provides a clear sign to us of what works as we begin to plan our approach to Curriculum for Wales.  Feedback from the pupils was universally positive with many stating that they can’t wait to see what other clusters will do

Once again, thank you for your support with our uniform.  In September, some of the areas we are going to focus on are as follows:

Skirts should be no shorter than 5cms above the knee.  Girls are able to wear trousers should they wish to do so

Shoes should be plain black and leather/leather effect.  Canvas/nylon-type materials are not permitted (and this is becoming a bit of a trend at the moment

Polo shirts cease to become part of our uniform from September.  Summer uniform will involve relaxing the rules regarding the need to wear a jumper/blazer

As mentioned last week, we are planning some major changes to the way in which the school layout is organised.  One of the things we would like to do is have areas of the school allocated to particular year groups and, from this year, pupils staying with their form tutors for five years (and not changing at the end of year 9 as has been the case in the past). Having a year group together in one part of the school will bring many advantages however it does mean that for this year, a number of forms have had to be attached to different tutors. We have tried to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum but it may be the case that some tutors will have to change this year (and this will not happen again) as we move to this new system.

Our photo of the week shows some of our pupils who had so much fun as part of the Expressive Arts project this week.

Thank you for your support.

One thought to “Head’s Blog 5th July 2019”

  1. Good morning
    I would like to say a big thank you , to you and all your staff for making my sons transition from primary to secondary school so easy . He has had an exciting year and truly enjoys going to school . He has made new friends , studying new subjects which he has truly embraced. Hopefully year 8 will just be as amazing 🤞. Thank you all !

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