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Head’s Blog 5th October 2018

It was a pleasure to meet with our newly elected School Council members this week as they planned the year ahead and the tasks they would like to complete.  They certainly are an incredibly talented and dedicated group who immediately displayed a commitment and passion to helping to develop our school for the benefit of all pupils.  Some of the things we discussed were:

The Enrichment programme – members of the School Council were extremely positive about this and felt that it would be a good idea to review the programme at the end of this term by undertaking a survey of pupils. The fact that some pupils were not able to have their first choice of activity was discussed but it was felt that the opportunity to relax and simply do something different was important.

Charity fundraising – our School Council members have always led the way when it comes to thinking of others less fortunate than themselves.  It was agreed to support Children in Need and the Wear it Red day for the Velindre Cancer Centre (in addition to the usual Santa appeal efforts)

Lockers – felt that these were a welcome addition to the school.  Some could be placed in better positions (eg more in lower school and the lower, ground level lockers were sometimes difficult to access).

Future work – two important areas of future work for the School Council were discussed.  Firstly, the fact that we have committed to working towards achieving the Rights Respecting Schools Award – an extremely important whole-school initiative.  Secondly, the School Council have been asked to evaluate our current progress report system with a view to making improvements to these in the near future.

This is just a selection of the range of topics which were discussed during the meeting and I think demonstrates quite well that this is a very creative and thoughtful group of pupils who are going to make a real difference to the school.

The photo of the week shows some of our pupils enjoying the cakes which were sold during our MacMillan coffee morning.


Best wishes

Ryan Davies