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Head’s Blog – 6th July 2018

What a fantastic week we have had at Brynteg!   It has been absolutely packed with activities with some of the highlights being:

Sports Days – for the first time for a number of years, we have held these events on our school site. Whilst it has been difficult trying to ensure there is adequate shade for our pupils, it has also demonstrated to us what a wonderful facility we have at our disposal.  The pupil response to has been excellent and we feel that more were able to participate as a result of the new arrangement.

Summer Prom – this was the opportunity for pupils from year 7-13 to demonstrate their musical talents – which they certainly did.  I think the most powerful aspect of this event was the fact that all pupils were encouraged to perform from relative beginners to those who are more advanced. A true celebration of the rich and varied talents of our pupils!

Transition Day – 272 pupils joined us from their primary schools as part of their welcome into Brynteg. This is the largest year group we have had for many years and they all demonstrated just how vibrant and keen they are – there certainly is a lot to look forward to.

We are coming to the end of our second week of wearing PE kit as a result of the hot weather and the response from pupils has been excellent.  They have all arrived at school wearing the correct Brynteg PE kit creating that important image of the school whilst at the same time being far more comfortable in this unusual period of high temperatures.  This is something which I will also support and see it as a sensible response to the wellbeing needs of our pupils.

As your thoughts may be turning to purchasing uniform for next year, it is important to explain to you the new arrangements for the post-Easter period.  Pupils in years 7, 10 and 12 will continue to wear their shirt and tie – there will be no requirement for them to wear a jumper/blazer during this period.   This means that parents and carers will not have to purchase polo shirts in these year groups for what is, a relatively short period of time.  As these years progress through the school, so will the new arrangement.  Pupils in years 8,9,11 and 13 (Easter 2019) can wear polo shirts if they have already purchased them but this is optional – they may well wish to continue with the shirt and tie arrangement as described above.

Our photo of the week shows some of pupils enjoying the display created by our art department for The Incredible Journey which was the theme for our recent Languages, Literacy and Communication cluster project.  The look on the faces of the pupils is a real tonic!

Thank you for your support.



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