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Head’s Blog 7th September 2018

It has been a fantastic start to the new school year with there being a real ‘buzz’ about the school. Having a long summer holiday is nice but it is also good to be back in school with such an amazing group of pupils and staff.

One of the areas which we have worked hard on over the past year is our communication.  Hopefully, you will all have recognised a lot of activity on our Facebook and Twitter accounts as we celebrate the many positive aspects of life in Brynteg.  This year, we have moved to a new system of communication for parents, carers and pupils and hopefully this will further add to the way in which you are kept informed. The new developments are as follows:

  • Parent app – you may have received an email (or will shortly do so) inviting you to download this app to your phone (Apple or Android).  Once installed, this will provide you with important information about the school such as term dates, training days, rewards, homework, sharing reports, attendance information and so on.
  • Student app – soon all pupils will also be invited to download an app which will allow them to view their timetable, homework, events and so on.  This has taken the place of the paper-based planner.
  • Intouch – this will allow us to communicate with you by email or text and will be used primarily to monitor attendance.  Your responses will automatically be logged in our attendance system.

With such a significant change, there are bound to be teething problems as we move to the new way of working and would ask you to work with us. Your support would be welcome in terms of downloading the apps as soon as you receive the email and encouraging your son/daughter to do so as well.

Our photo of the week shows some of our new year 7 pupils who seem to have settled so well.  There is certainly a lot to look forward to!

Thank you for your support

6 thoughts to “Head’s Blog 7th September 2018”

  1. The new Sims app is far better than the Show My Homework and My Ed. Combining the best of both.
    However, it would be useful if there was a link showing my children’s dinner money balance. Not sure if this is possible, but would be extremely useful.
    I would also like ALL of their homework listed on it. Both have come home with work to do, but nothing listed on the app.

    1. Thank you for your comments. We will ensure that all homework is placed on this system (form Monday 10th) but we are mindful that not all parents/carers have downloaded the app yet. I have asked our LEA contact whether or not it would be possible to link in with the cashless catering account because I do agree, it would be really helpful to have this information available as well.

  2. I do wonder about the pupils and parents who may not have access to smart phones. How then will you communicate?

    1. Thank you for your comment and this is something which we are very mindful of. The app can also be accessed through a website. In addition, if pupils/parents/carers do not have access to either a phone/computer we will make arrangements for a paper-based solution in school.

  3. I have followed the instructions on the letter, downloaded the app but am still awaiting an email from school/Bcbc with log in code. I’m also trying to set up cashless catering & on the letter My Son bought home it says ‘refer to payment instructions at – however this site is unavailable ??!?! Any help would be greatly appreciated

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