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Head’s Blog 9th November 2018

As you are aware, we started the week with a Professional Development Day and as I have often been asked by parents and carers about what actually is done in these, I thought I would share some of the details with you.

The day itself focussed on our current year 11 pupils, their performance and how to ensure that every single one of them achieves to the best of their ability.  The overarching theme for the day was ’65 days’ – referring to the actual number of teaching days left before pupils being their final examination period and so time is of the essence.

One of the key issues we discussed on the day was the impact that poor attendance has on results and how it is important that our year 11 pupils all attend regularly for their remaining time with us.  Missing even just a few lessons, often puts our pupils at a significant disadvantage.

The opportunity for us to remember those who gave their lives in the two World Wars and subsequent conflicts is such an important one for us as a school.   A long-standing tradition at the school has been where our sixth form join together with past members of staff and other guests in a service which has been used since the school was a grammar school.  Pupils in years 7-11 also have had  time to reflect with once again, an incredibly thought-provoking assembly led by our drama pupils and also time spent together with their forms.

As the weather turns less favourable, can I stress, once again, the importance of pupils being appropriately dressed.  This is a large site which requires a great deal of walking during the day and at this time of the year, a good coat (of whatever colour) is essential.

In terms of uniform, one of the suggestions that has been made by many parents and carers is moving to trousers for girls as, more often than not (and despite repeated requests) the length of skirts is not deemed to be appropriate.  This is something that will be discussed by our School Council in the coming months but it would be very interesting to hear the views of parents and carers as well.

The photo of the week comes from one of our year 7 drama lessons – learning can be fun!

Best wishes

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