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Head’s Blog March 16th 2018

Schools  are often concerned that what we are doing reflects the needs of the world of work.  Sadly, opportunities to undertake work experience are becoming increasingly hard to find as we  are finding it more difficult to free up curriculum time in an ever more pressurised situation and employers also find it difficult to commit to programmes such as these.  This is why, when an opportunity to participate in such an activity comes along, it really does cause a great deal of interest in school and the recent BBC internship which year 11 pupil Dylan participated in is a good example of this.

Dylan really did impress his colleagues at the BBC and, as well as portraying himself in a positive way, he gave a positive impressions of Brynteg School.  Here is an extract from an email which we received from the BBC about Dylan’s placement:

I just wanted to make you aware how impressed we’ve been with Dylan’s attitude and willingness to learn and listen when he’s been with us. He’s shown maturity beyond his years, and a quiet confidence uncommon I’m sure among his peers, which makes him a credit to his family and also his school.

 His ideas and vision have been both clear and direct, which have made working with him on the project easy and a pleasure. There are not many 16 year olds who are so comfortable, eloquent and confident when faced with fronting a piece on camera, or recording links in a radio studio….there aren’t many sports broadcasters who can do that first time!

 I’m sure whatever he sets his mind to in the future he’ll do so successfully and to the best of his ability.

As part of his placement, Dylan produced the following video report and I am sure you will agree it is a very professional piece of work.

Well done to Dylan and lets hope that this is the start of even more placements for pupils at Brynteg.

As you are aware, pupils at Brynteg have been able to wear a different uniform during the summer months which essentially means them transferring from shirts to polo shirts.  For this year, governors have decided to continue with this system but pupils do have a choice which is as follows:

  • Pupils  can wear polo shirts but (should they choose to do so) –  they will need to wear their jumpers
  • Pupils continue to wear their school shirt/tie/blazer as now and when (or if) the weather gets warmer, they will not be required to wear their blazers to school.

Summer uniform does not apply to trousers/skirt/shoes and these remain the same throughout the year.

I am aware that this is an additional cost and I see it perfectly reasonable to accept the latter option – indeed, I have always believed that shirt material can be cooler than the polo shirt material.  In other words, parents and carers do not need to purchase additional uniform and continue with the current uniform throughout the year.

Should you decide to purchase the polo shirt, the two main suppliers are Euroschools and Uniform2Go.

Please remember that next week there are a number of important meetings:

Monday 19th March 6pm Lower School Hall – initial meeting for year 6 parents/carers (for pupils who are starting in our year 7 in September)

Tuesday 20th March 6pm Lower School Hall – Termly Open Meeting with the Head.  This is your opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of provision in an open forum.

Thursday 22nd  March – year 9 parents and carers evening.

Our photo of the week is quite different in  but demonstrates perfectly how subject boundaries are being broken down by pupils themselves.   Alex is a y12  photography student and through Hannah’s (also y12) request used his camera to take a photo of her preparation of the gill plate and lamellae  – you will need to look closely but it is there!

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