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Head’s Blog May 4th 2018

As we move into the final period before the examinations, you may be feeling a bit of a ‘spare part’ as your son/daughter focusses on their revision.  There is still plenty of input which you can have and often, the most basic actions can be the most effective.  For example:

  • Encourage them not to use lined paper but use plain paper – it helps as they can use it to do mind-mapping and ‘spider graphs,’ etc.
  • Encourage them to  read their text books and notes and make them into audio files on their phones, then when you are travelling or away from a desk/home they can use them to remind them about facts and rewrite and use the info to revise.
  • A good positive chat is so helpful.
  • Revision, rest and recreation all go together.
  • Fifteen minutes focused study followed by a five-minute break is better than 1 hour staring into space.
  • Find the best timings to suit their brains. Use kitchen timers or countdown apps to time their study times.  Help them to time past paper questions.
  • Give them space.  They really do have a lot of work to get through in the next few weeks – the chores can wait until after the last exam….

Often pupils will say they have left it too late and there is ‘nothing they can do now’. It is true that the best revision is the revision that was started weeks or months ago, however, the next best is the one that is started now!

You may have noticed on Facebook/Twitter over the past week that we have been advertising our facilities for hire.  Whether it be our pitches, halls, gyms, classrooms and so on, we would be flexible in terms of your requirements either for ‘one-off’ events or longer term, regular bookings.  If you are interested, please contact Jennifer Davies at school who will be able to discuss your requirements with you.

Our photo of the week shows sixth form student Aisha who recently visited Cambridge University  as her prize for winning the 2017 Cambridge Uni Sociology and Photography competition. She visited Trinity, Kings, Queens+ Murray Edwards colleges and met up with Emily (an ex-Brynteg student) who is studying Psychology and Education at Homerton College.

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